Where do I start?

Sometimes when life piles it on us we just get overwhelmed. For some, it is a crisis. Maybe you have experienced a trauma. We deal with the death of a loved one. For others it may be a lot of little stressors that when put together have created a mountain. It is hard to know what to do or where to start in any of these circumstances. So when life serves you up a big one here is what to do….(Thank you to all the firemen and women who taught me this 😉

Stop. Stop what you are doing and just breathe for a moment. Don’t make any moves or decisions. Just take a time out and allow yourself time to process whatever it is that is going on. (Believe me, the laundry and housecleaning waits for you!) Any strong emotion can lead us into poor decisions.

Drop. Drop to your knees and seek the wise counsel that will never fail. We can think of a million solutions. We can rationalize. We can think until our heads feel like they will explode. But I want to get my advise from the one who sees the past, present, and future!

Roll. Roll only with the things you are certain of. When Brian died I knew I had to feed the kids. I knew I had to go to work. I knew I had to sustain life. That was about all I knew in those days. Start with the basics and slowly add in responsibilities and tasks as you heal.

In times of trial or crisis we need to slow things way down. We want to make good decisions that will not further add to our not so favorable circumstances. It sounds simple, and it needs to be. Just Stop, Drop, and Roll!! 🙂