New Year’s resolution vs. Mission Statement

It’s New Years Day. There is much talk about resolutions. Every year we set goals. Sometimes it inspires us and we accomplish great things. Other times the resolution gets lost by February.

I recently attended a training. The instructor spoke about having a personal mission statement. I thought this was incredibly profound! Think about it, all great companies have them. So, why shouldn’t we all have one. You know the saying “if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”? Well, this is what I thought….

We can set goals, that’s great. At least we have an idea of where we want to go. But, how about this…let’s make a plan for what we want our lives to look like. What do you stand for? What is the basis for all the decisions you make in your life? At the end of it all, what do you want your legacy to be?

Here is what I came up with…

As a forgiven child of God, I will cherish each day as a gift with gratitude. I will not forget that life is made up of many small and sometimes insignificant moments. In each of these moments I will tune my heart to God’s, seeking an even deeper relationship. I will remain flexible, trusting God’s wisdom and love, I will allow his direction for my life.

I will work extra hard to maintain balance taking care of my body, mind, and soul. I will use my time, money, talents, and energy wisely. I will remember how much my integrity is worth. Healthy boundaries will be maintained without excuse or explanation. I will embrace mistakes and failures as a means to teach me something new and as a reminder of my progress rather than a sign of defeat.

As a mom I will work to discover and enhance my children’s natural abilities. I will encourage them in both the trials and triumphs of life. I will teach them to walk in humility, grace, and mercy that can only come from God. Above all I will love them in whatever stage of life they are at.

Everyday I will choose to encourage and inspire. I will make a conscious effort to see others as God sees them. I am a face of hope, therefore, I will love others in word and deed. I will live sacrificially in order to benefit those in need.  I will be courageous and fight for what is right while maintaining humility by remembering where I came from.

How about you? New Year’s resolution or mission statement?

Christmas Question

If you were God would you be willing to send your only son to a foreign world to suffer for someone? This was the question a friend recently asked. Immediately I answered “yes.” However, after a little more thought there is more to my answer.

We talked about how hard it would be to send a child off to another world. How heart wrenching it would be knowing the terrible things in store. How sad it would be to be so far away from your child.

It was easy for me to answer “yes” right away. I explained that If I were God then I would be able to see from beginning to end. I would know in sending my son that he would be ok in the end. hat after it all he would spend eternity with me. I would also know that in sending my son I would save my daughter. How could I choose between the two? Of course I would choose short term suffering of my son to save my daughter and spend eternity with both!

Several days later I thought of my response. I was challenged by this thought. Would I be willing to send my son to suffer for a stranger? Absolutely not! Only for my sweet baby girl.

So why would God send His son for me? I think the answer isn’t too far from my response. He would only allow temporary suffering to His beloved son if it were for someone he loves dearly.  

So this is the Christmas message. God loves you more than you could know. Not like a stranger, but as a treasured child of His! This Christmas I am wishing that all could know just how loved they really are!