My Easter Story :)

Easter is a holiday filled with decorating eggs, family gatherings, and ham. Tradition for years was just what we did.

Through tragedy I was brought to my knees. I cried out to a God I didn’t know “do something!!”. It took a while, but He did. I had heard the Easter story many times as a kid.

I heard this…You are bad. God sent His one and only son to pay the price for you. Be grateful..

When I was at my weakest point I heard a completely different Easter story.

It began with Christmas. God loved us humans so much that he couldn’t stand to be apart from us. This whole burning sacrifices and only talking to his people through priests was getting pretty old. God wanted to know us intimately.

He had a plan. He sent Jesus to walk amongst us. To experience life. To face the same challenges and struggles we do. To fully understand us.

This is what made the difference for me. God cared enough about me to walk where I walk. He gets it! He tore the veil making the way for us to go to Him directly.

The story continues with Jesus giving up his life on a cross. He willingly paid the price for every sin I have and ever will commit. After seeing and experiencing life on earth, he chose to do this for me, and you.

On Easter we celebrate that he rose again. God made a point. That nothing was more powerful than He, not even death.

For the first time I saw God as a loving God. Not some ruler in the skies with an iron fist.  I saw God as someone who really cared. He understands. He stepped down from heaven and walked the walk.

He went to great lengths to pursue me. Though life may be hard at times, God has and never will leave. He stands with arms open wide. My debt is paid. There is no more condemnation.  Just a loving God who cheers us on from above.

Now he is waiting for you….He wants a relationship. All it takes is a simple cry. No fancy prayers, just a genuine heart. Go ahead ask God to reveal himself to you. You might be surprised 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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