I don’t have to be…

Knowing who you are is really important. I think knowing who you are not is just as important.

When I look at who I am I think of all my good qualities. I am tender, caring, funny, and adore newborn babies! We go to job interviews and we want to emphasise our good qualities. In our relationships we want others to see the best in us.

Sometimes looking at our not so great qualities is difficult. Sometimes we feel ashamed that we are not more like others. Comparing is such a dangerous thing!! It never benefits us.

I have done this all too many times. I am not an animal person. Like, not even a little bit! I tried, believe me I tried hard to like animals. I am not soft spoken. I lack a filter all too often. Not everything that comes out of my mouth is a bible verse.

You see when I became a “christian” I thought I had to instantly be an all loving, tender, soft spoken woman who constantly quoted the bible. What!?!? Who decided that? That is an unrealistic expectation. I don’t believe God expects that of me.

In 1 Corinthians 12 the bible talks about the body being made up of many parts. If we didn’t have ears how would we hear? If we didn’t have eyes how would we see? Each part of our body is vital to us being effective. Each part has a different quality and duty. They are special because of the qualities they bring to the table and the things they do not!

So, whether as an individual,a christian, or a woman in general…knowing who I am is important. If I am a nose, am the sense of smell. If I am an eye, I see things and transmit the information to the brain. But, I need to know who I am not also!

It is ok to not be something or have a particular quality. I think it is time to embrace our good qualities and our not so great. So, how about you animal lovers keep your animals…I will stick to rocking newborn babies. And maybe someday I will be a soft spoken bible quoting woman, but for now I will just be ready to apologize for my lack of filter.

So embrace your not so refined qualities. Take the pressure off yourself and just be you!!! The world needs you just as you are!

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